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This is page 2 of 4 tracing the history of the Tippins family. Originally from the Shoreditch and Hackney areas of London, it shows the branches that moved to Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Lancashire and Sleaford, Lincolnshire as well as the link by marriage to the Chapple family  If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Tippins Family of Shoreditch, London

Second Generation (continued)

3. Samuel Thomas TIPPINS [Parents]. Baptized 25/7/1813 at Saint Leonards, Shoreditch & died quarter ending June 1848 in Whitechapel, age about 34. Occupation: Hairdresser.

On 23/1/1832, when Samuel was age 18, he married Caroline Ann WEBB. Caroline was born about 1818 in Bethnal Green.

They had the following children:

(1) Joseph Robert, born 8/11/1832 in & baptized 19/8/1833 at St Matthew, Bethnal Green. (2) Correnna Mary, born 6/9/1835 & baptized 25/9/1835 at St Matthew, Bethnal Green. Correnna Mary died February 1837 & was buried 10/2/1837 in Christ Church, Spitalfields. (3) Clara, born 30/9/1837 & baptized 10/11/1837 at St Matthew, Bethnal Green. (4) Julia, born quarter ending June 1839. (5) Correnna, born quarter ending March 1842 in Bethnal Green and died in 1905 in Holborn, age about 62. On 14/3/1864, when Correna was age about 22, she married George SAUNDERS at St George, Bloomsbury, London. (6) Walter, born about 1844 in Spitalfields. Walter died in 1918 in Moruya, New South Wales, Australia, age about 73. On 16/4/1892, when Walter was age about 47, he married Elizabeth JOHNSON, a widow, at St Paul, Cleveland Street, Sydney, New South Wales. (7) Samuel Thomas [8], born about 1846 in Spitalfields.

In the quarter ending September 1849, when Caroline Ann Tippins (nee Webb) was age about 31, she married William James BEIRTON in London.  William James was born about 1820 in Hackney.

They had the following children:

(1) Maria Mary, born January 1851 in Spitalfields. (2) Emma, born quarter ending June 1854 in Spitalfields. On 26/4/1875, when Emma was age about 21, she married Harry NASH, son of Henry NASH, a butcher, at St James, Shoreditch.

Third Generation

4.Link to census Robert Percy Hodge TIPPINS [Parents]. Born 31/12/1829 in Hoxton and baptized 28/1/1830 at St Leonard’s Shoreditch. Robert Percy died 21/1/1907 in Chorlton upon Medlock, Lancashire, age 77, and was buried 29/1/1907 at the Southern Cemetery, Manchester (section I grave number 1090). An entry in te National Probate Register reads: “TIPPINS Robert Percy Hodge of 4 Dover Street Manchester 13 died 21 January 1907 Administration Manchester 29 January to Herbert Frank Tippins of no occupation. Effects £2 11s. 6d.” (Worth around £348 today.) Occupation: Pianoforte tuner.

On 13/5/1850, when Robert Percy was age 20, he married Mary Ann Frances OSBORN, daughter of Henry and Ann OSBORN, at West Hackney Church, London. Mary Ann was baptized 23/12/1832, St Martins-in-the-Field, London. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children:

(1) Henry Robert, born quarter ending December 1859 in Hackney. (2) Ada, born about 1863 in Manchester. (3) Frederick, born about 1865 in Chorlton upon Medlock. (4) Gertrude, born about 1868 in Chorlton upon Medlock. (5) Helena Harriet, born quarter ending June 1871 in Chorlton upon Medlock. (6) Herbert Frank [9].

5.Link to census Albert TIPPINS [Parents]. Baptized 1/6/1842 in West Hackney Church, London. Albert died quarter ending March 1890 in Camberwell, London, age about 48. Occupation: Photographic Artist.

In the quarter ending December 1870, when Albert was age 28, he married Eliza Price BROWN in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Eliza was born about 1840 in Grantham & had been married before. Her first husband is unknown but they had a daughter, Mary BROWN, born about 1864 also in Grantham. Mary appears as “Mary Tippins, daughter” in the 1871 census but correctly as “Mary Brown, step-daughter” in the 1881 census.

They had the following children, all born Sleaford:

(1) Martha, born quarter ending September 1871. (2) Albert, born quarter ending December 1874. (3) George William, born quarter ending June 1877. (4) Ada Isabel, born quarter ending September 1880 & died 1962. On 25/12/1900, when Ada Isobel was age 23, she married Louis Victor Eugene Billers TREVELLYAN at Christ Church, West Green, Haringey. Louis was born about 1878 & died 1955 age about 77. (5) Ethel, born about 1882. (6) Alice Mabel, born quarter ending September 1885.

6.Link to census Henry TIPPINS [Parents]. Baptized 16/4/1843 in West Hackney Church, London. Henry died November 1900, age 57, & was buried 22/11/1900 in Abney Park cemetery, Stoke Newington. Occupation: Vellum binder.

On 29/6/1867, when Henry was age 24, he married Mary Eleanor SHARMAN  in St John the Baptist Church, Shoreditch. Eleanor was born quarter ending September 1842 in Hackney & died quarter ending September 1904 in Wandsworth, age about 62.

They had the following child:

(1) Samuel Henry, born about November 1868 & died October 1869 age about 11 months. Samuel Henry was buried 20/10/1869 in Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington.

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