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The Witpen Family of Whitechapel, London

This is page 1 of 5 tracing the history of the Witpen family, who we believe emigrated from what is now Germany to the east end of London during the latter part of the 18th century, and the link by marriage to the Cochrane family. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. We’d particularly like to hear from anyone who could shed more light on the family’s German origins. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

First Generation

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1. Heinrich WITPEN. Born around 1740, possibly in Hannover that was at this time an Electorate within the Holy Roman Empire (from 1708 to 1814) It is, of course, now in Germany. It’s not known when Heinrich died or the reason why he emigrated to the east end of London.

Heinrich married Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) around 1766. They had the following children:

(1) Jacob [2] (2) Carsten [3] (3) Michael, born about 1778, location unknown. It’s not known when Michael died. (4) Henry, born about 1780, location unknown. It’s not known when Henry died. (5) Claus [4].

Second Generation

2. Jacob WITPEN [Parents]. Born about 1768, location unknown. Jacob died 6/1/1840 at 6 Little Turner Street, St George in the East, London, age about 61.

On 5/10/1800, when Jacob was age about 32, he married Frances HACK, daughter of Isaac HACK (1742-1810) and Esther FLEMMING (1744-1818), in St George in the East. Frances was born 13/5/1773 in Shoreditch and was baptized at St Leonard’s, Shoreditch on 23/5/1773. She died in September 1826 and was buried 25/9/1826 at Globe Fields Burial Ground (Wesleyan), Stepney, London.

They had the following children:

(1) Herman [5] (2) Jacob, born around 1800. (3) Henry [6] (4) Frances, born 1803 and baptized 14/8/1803 in St Mary, Whitechapel. It’s not known when Frances died. On 20/6/1825, when Frances was age about 22, she married James WRIGHT (dates unknown) in St Matthew, Bethnal Green. (5) Carsten, born 23/12/1806 in Dragon’s Yard, Whitechapel and baptized 8/3/1807 in St Mary, Whitechapel. It’s not known when Carsten died. (5) Nicholas [7]. (6) Michael born 19/5/1809 in Dragon’s Yard, Whitechapel and baptized 23/7/1809 int St Mary, Whitechapel. It’s not known when Michael died.

3. Carsten WITPEN [Parents]. Born about 1776 in Stepney, Carsten died in October 1832, with his burial taking place on 21/10/1832 in St Mary Whitechapel. The burial record gives his abode as Angel Alley and age 56. Occupation: variously Victualler; Labourer.

The Land Tax Assessment Books of 1813, vol 5788, "An assessment made in pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in the thirty eight year of his Majesty by a Land Tax to be raised in Great Britain for the service of the year 1813. County of Middlesex Tower Division for the Hamlet of Mile End New Town in the said Division" contains the following entry on page 6: Rents 14. Occupiers: Carsten Witpen. Sums: £1 5s 8d. (Around £85 today.)

On 12/10/1812, when Carsten was age about 36, he married Mary POOLE, daughter of Thomas POOLE and Sidwill SAYER, at St Mary, Whitechapel. Mary was baptized 24/5/1893 in St Mary, her parents’ abode given as Angel Alley. It’s not known when Mary died.

They had the following children:

(1) Heinrich, born 6/7/1813 in Mile End and baptized 8/8/1813 in St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney. It’s not known when Heinrich died. (2) Sarah, baptized 20/4/1817 in St Mary, Whitechapel, her parents’ abode given as Ink Horn Court. On 12/6/1843, when Sarah was age 26, she married William George PAYNE in St Dunstan and All Saints. It’s not known when Sarah died. (3) William, born 10/3/1820 in Mile End Old Town and baptized 30/4/1820 in St Dunstan and All Saints. It’s not known when William died. (4) George [8]. (5) Mary Ann, born 17/1/1825 in Ink Horn Court, Whitechapel and baptized 20/2/1825 in St Mary, Whitechapel. Mary Ann died 11/2/1865 in St Bartholomew's Hospital, age 40. Cause of death certified as Carcinmoma of Pylorus. On 13/4/1846, when Mary Ann was age 21, she married John COCHRANE, son of James COCHRANE and Elizabeth WHITEHEAD, at the Parish Church, Islington. (6) John [9] (7) Eliza, born 11/1/1829 and baptized 8/2/1829 in St Mary, Whitechapel. Eliza died 8/9/1870 in 9 Temple Street, Dalston, age 41. Cause of death: Phthisis [tuberculosis] 2 years. (8) Thomas Frederick, born 27/11/1831 and baptized 1/1/1832 in St Mary, Whitechapel. Thomas Frederick died in April 1833, age 1, and was buried 28/4/1833 in St Mary.

4. Claus WITPEN [Parents]. Born about 1795 in Stepney, it’s not known when Claus died.

On 7/5/1815, when Claus was age about 20, he married Mary Ann STONE in Christ Church, Greyfriars, Newgate. It’s not known when Mary Ann was born or died.

They had the following children:

(1) Henry [10] (2) Mary Ann, born 22/4/1820 and baptized 13/8/1820 in United Parishes of Christ Church and St Leonard, City of London. Mary Ann died 1874 in Mile End Old Town, age 54. In 1846, when Mary Ann was age about 26, she married John MILDENHALL in Bethnal Green. John was born about 1820 in City Road. It’s not known when he died.

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