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This is page 4 of 4 tracing the descendants of Joshua Harris & Rebeckah MacQuire, originally of Harrold, Bedfordshire. Later generations lived in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire & Northamptonshire. It shows the fourth generation link by marriage to the Jones family. There are two more Harris families in our tree, from Brenchley & Halling, Kent. As far as we know they are not connected. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by following the numbered (e.g. [2]) or parental ([Parents]) links.

The Harris Family of Harrold, Bedfordshire

12.Link to census Arthur William HARRIS [Parents]. Born about 1873 in Earley, Berkshire, it is not known when Arthur William died. Occupation: General labourer; Blacksmith’s striker, Railway carriage works.

In the quarter ending September 1895, when Arthur William was age about 22, he married Mary Jane MARSHALL in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire. Mary Jane was born about 1872 in Reading.  It is not known when she died.

They had the following children, all born Stantonbury, Buckinghamshire:

(1) Lilian May, born quarter ending June 1897.  (2) George William, born quarter ending December 1899. (3) Albert Edward, born about 1901. (4) Kate Elizabeth, born quarter ending June 1903. (5) Ivy Kathleen, born quarter ending December 1907. (6) Beatrice Jane, born quarter ending September 1909.

13.Link to census Edward Charles HARRIS [Parents]. Born quarter ending December 1874 in Earley, it is not known when Edward died. Occupation: General labourer.

In the quarter ending June 1900, when Edward was age 25, he married Caroline HARCOURT, daughter of Isaac HARCOURT & Sarah UMNEY, in Newport Pagnell. Caroline was born quarter ending June 1882 in Sherington, Buckinghamshire. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children:

(1) Lucy Maud, born quarter ending December 1900 in Newport Pagnell. (2) Sydney Harcourt, born December 1909 in Wolverton. Plus one other who has not been identified but was recorded in the 1911 census as having died.

14. William HARRIS [Parents]. Born 27/7/1877 in St Giles, Northampton, William died quarter ending June 1963 in Brixworth, Nothamptonshire, age 85. Occupation: Cycle & Motor Engineer; later Town Hall Keeper.

In 1904, when William was age about 26, he married Helen Jane CRICK (1880-1963) in Brixworth.

They had the following children:

(1) Greta Douglas, born 15/6/1905 in Northampton and died there 1987, age 82. In 1946, when Greta was age  about 40, she married Owen BOLTON (1900-1956) in Northampton. In 1959, when Greta was age  about 53, she married Francis William HOARE (1892-1987) in Northampton. (2) Bernard, born 12/6/1908 in St James, Northampton and died there in 1990, age 82. In 1939, when Bernard was age 31, he married Dora Lavinia STOCKWELL (1910-1997), daughter of Thomas STOCKWELL & Amy Rosina BILBY, in Northampton. (3) Gordon George, born 2/6/1910 in St Giles, Northampton and died there in 1999, age about 89. In 1940, when Gordon was age about 30, he married Mabel LINNELL (1912-1980) in Northampton.

15.Link to census Arthur Frank HARRIS [Parents].  Born quarter ending December 1883 in St Albans, Arthur Frank died quarter ending March 1934 in St Marylebone, age about 50. Occupation: Lead glazier.

On 19/10/1907, when Frank was age 24, he married Louisa BANWELL, daughter of William & Louisa BANWELL, St Matthew, Marylebone, London. Born quarter ending June 1885 in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, Louisa died quarter ending December 1972 in Colchester, age 87.

They had the following children:


(1) Edward Arthur, born quarter ending March 1909 in Marylebone & died quarter ending June 1972 in Brent, age 63. (2) Sydney I, born quarter ending December 1911 in Marylebone & died there quarter ending September 1926, age 14.

16.Link to census Sydney Thomas HARRIS [Parents]. Born 21/4/1886 in St Albans, Sydney died 7/4/1965 in Willesden, London, age 79. Occupation: Mechanical Engineering Works Foreman (1939). Sydney built model steam engines. One, a model vertical direct-acting Truslove steam pump, is held in the object store at the Science Museum, London.

An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “HARRIS Sydney Thomas of 48 Dollis Hill Avenue Willesden London died 7 April 1965 Probate London 27 July to Harold Cross Pill estate agent and Thomas William Pinnock solicitor. £3596.” (The equivalent of around £66,960 today.)

In the quarter ending September 1911, when Sydney Thomas was age about 25, he married Ellen Elizabeth WALLER, daughter of Joseph WALLER & Eliza PUGH, in St Albans. Ellen Elizabeth was born 12/2/1886, also in St Albans, and died in 1939 in Barnet, age 73.

They had the following children, both born St Albans:

(1) Evelyn Kathleen, born 27/6/1913 in St Albans and died 2001 in Buckinghamshire, age 88. On 26/9/1950, when Evelyn was age 37, she married Ernest Eric VARNEY (1908-2001) in Willesden. (2) Edwin Victor, born 28/12/1919 in St Albans and died July 1998 in Worthing, Sussex, age 78.  In the quarter ending March 1949, when Edwin was age about 29, he married Joy WALLER in Westminster.

17.Link to census Frederick HARRIS [Parents]. Born quarter ending June 1896 in St Albans, it is not known when Frederick died. Occupation: Bank manager.

In the quarter ending June 1923, when Frederick was age 27, he married Dorothy HUTCHINGS in St Albans.

They had the following children:

(1) John T, born quarter ending September 1932 in Hendon & died quarter ending December 1943, age 11. And 1 child who may still be living.

Fifth Generation

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