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The Staniford Family of Whickham, County Durham

1. John (or Jonathan) STANIFORD. Born 1694 in Ryton, Durham. It is not known when John died.

On 22/6/1719, when John was age about 25, he married Elizabeth SUMMERLAND, daughter of Nathaniel SUMMERLAND and Elizabeth GREY, in Ryton. Elizabeth was born September 1696.

They had the following children:

(1) Mary, baptized 15/8/1720 in Whickham, Durham. On 27/6/1741, when Mary was age about 20, she married William NEWTON in Whickham. (2) Thomas [2]. (3) Nathaniel, born 1726.

First Generation

Second Generation

2. Thomas STANIFORD [Parents].  Baptized 3/9/1722 in Whickham. It is not known when Thomas died.

On 18/12/1746, when Thomas was age 24, he married Mary DAWSON in Whickham.

They had the following children, all baptized in Whickham:

(1) Matthew, baptized 3/11/1747. (2) Elizabeth, baptized 9/9/1750. (3) John [3]. (4) Anne, baptized 19/5/1755.

This page traces the Staniford family, originally of County Durham, and the branch that moved to Devon, and their links by marriage to the Chapple & Pitfield families. Use the numbered links e.g. [2] and/or the parental [Parents] link in the text to navigate backwards or forwards through the generations. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us.

Third Generation

3. John STANIFORD [Parents]. Baptized 10/12/1752 in Whickam. It is not known when John died.

On 8/2/1785, when John was age 32, he married Elizabeth KIRSOP in Whickham.

They had the following children, all except Summerland baptized in Whickham:

(1) Thomas, baptized 19/3/1786. (2) John, baptized 15/6/1788. (3) Nathaniel, baptized 30/5/1790. (4) Summerland [4].

Fourth Generation

Summerland Staniford note5. Summerland STANIFORD [Parents]. Born quarter ending June 1846 in Plymouth, Devon, Summerland died 21/8/1931 in South Australia, age 85.

On 26/10/1871 when Summerland was age 24, he married Mary Catherine BAKER (1849-1912), daughter of George BAKER and Catherine PATTERSON, in Adelaide, South Australia.

They had the following children:

(1) Catherine Lydia Annie, born 1872. Catherine Lydia Annie died in 1892, age 20. (2) Summerland, born 26/3/1877 in Carey's Gully, South Australia and died 13/12/1877 in Adelaide, age 8 months. (3) George [6]. (4) Lilian Maud, born 31/8/1881 in Summertown, South Australia and died 17/7/1937 in Australia, age 55. (5) Edwin Pitfield, born 19/12/1884 in Summertown, South Australia and died there 2/2/1964, age 79. (6) Jessie May, born 11/5/1887 in Summertown, South Australia. Jessie May died in 1970, age 83. (7) Frank Clement, born 20/3/1893 in Summertown and died there 25/8/1987, age 94. Frank was buried 28/8/1987 in Adelaide Hills Cemetery. Frank was an Australian Labor Party politician, serving in the South Australian House of Assembly 1924-1927 and 1930-1933 (Wikipedia entry). In December 1926, when Clement was age 33, he married Gwendoline JOHNSTONE (1896-1973) in Goolwa, South Australia.

Fifth Generation

4. Summerland Staniford censusSummerland STANIFORD [Parents]. Born 16/5/1796 in Swalwell, Durham. Summerland died 4/9/1856 in Adelaide, South Australia, age 60.

On 30/10/1831, when Summerland was age 35, he married Lydia CHAPPLE, daughter of Thomas CHAPPLE & Lucretia Hunt PITFIELD. Lydia was born in 1810 in Axminster, Devon and was baptized there 31/1/1812. She died in 1885 age about 75.

They had the following children:

(1) Nathaniel, born 1832. (2) Lydia Pitfield, born 1834. Lydia Pitfield died in 1913, age 79. Lydia Pitfield married John William WAKELING. (3) Eliza, born 1837. (4) Mary Ann, born 1838. Mary Ann died in 1919, age 81. (5) Lucretia, born in 1840, Lucretia died in 1858, presumably in childbirth, age 18. Lucretia had one child Maria Lucretia Russell, born in 1858. There is no evidence of a marriage. (6) Emma, born 1843. (7) Summerland [5].

Sixth Generation

6. George STANIFORD [Parents]. Born 8/1/1879 in Burnside, South Australia. George died in 1953, age 73.

In 1904 when George was 25, he married Josephine Amelia THOMPSON. Josephine was born 1874 and died 1956, age 82.

They had the following children:

(1) Marjorie Hope, born 16/1/1905 in Stirling East, South Australia & died 9/10/1947 in Adelaide, age 42. (2) George Angus, born 10/2/1906 in Stirling East, South Australia. (3) Josephine Constance, born 19/4/1909 in Australia & died 19/4/1995, age 86. On 10/4/1939 when Josephine Constance was 29 she married Edward Louis FITZGERALD in Norwood South Australia. Born in 1903, Edward Louis in died 1976, age 73.

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