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This is page 2 of 3 tracing the Mayatt family of Wycombe, Buckinghamshire & Snodland, Kent, showing the links by marriage the Parris & Monk families. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Mayatt Family of Buckinghamshire & Kent

5.Link to census Charles James Joseph MAYATT [Parents]. Born 1842 in St Mary Cray, Charles James Joseph died  quarter ending September 1921 in Risbridge, Essex, age 79. Occupation: Painter, decorator.

In the quarter ending December 1861, when Charles James Joseph was age about 19, he married Mary Ann PACKMAN, daughter of John PACKMAN & Abigail EVES, in Dartford. Born 27/2/1842 in Eynsford, Mary Ann died quarter ending March 1883 in Bromley, age 41.

They had the following children:

(1) Charles James, born quarter ending September 1862 in St Mary Cray and died there quarter ending March 1877. age 14. (2) Caroline Elizabeth, born quarter ending March 1865 in St Mary Cray. (3) Mary Ann, born quarter ending March 1868 in Dartford. (4) William, born quarter ending December 1870 in Orpington & died quarter ending September 1871 in Bromley, age under 1 year. (5) Jane, born quarter ending March 1872 in St Mary Cray & died quarter ending March 1876 in Bromley, age 4. (6) Henry James, born quarter ending December 1874 in Orpington. (7) Eleanor, born quarter ending March 1876 in Orpington. In the quarter ending December 1898, when Eleanor was age 22, she married Edgar Thomas RICHARDSON in Malling. (8) Charlie, born quarter ending March 1879 in Sidcup. (9) Hilda Jane, born quarter ending September 1880 in Sidcup.

In the quarter ending September 1883, when Charles James Joseph was age 41, he married Emma Elizabeth AUSTIN in Footscray Baptist Chapel, Bromley. Emma was born about 1846 in New Hythe & died 1937 in Essex, age about 91.

6.Link to census James MAYATT [Parents]. Born about 1848 in St Mary Cray, James died 1912 in Bromley, age about 64.  Occupation: Variously mill worker; house painter; postman.

About 1868, when James was age about 20, he married Emma KIRBY in Kent. Born about 1847 in Northwood, it is not known when Emma died.

They had the following children, all born St Mary Cray:

(1) James John [12]. (2) Annie Weller, born quarter ending September 1871. (3) William Frederick, born quarter ending March 1880. (4) Lilian Rose, born quarter ending June 1883. (5) Charles Henry, born quarter ending March 1887. (6) Gertrude Nellie, born quarter ending June 1889. (7) Herbert Sidney, born quarter ending June 1895. (8) Mary Beatrice, born quarter ending March 1897. (9) Doris Ivy, born quarter ending December 1904 and died 1/4/1954 in Orpington, age 49. An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “GOOCH Doris Ivy of Malibu Glentrammon Road, Green Street Green Orpington Kent (wife of George Frederick Gooch) died 1 April 1954 at Orpington Hospital Orpington Administration London 28 May to the said George Frederick Gooch bricklayer. Effects £432 19s. 1d. (The equivalent of around £10,900 today.) Doris Ivy married George Frederick GOOCH in 1928.

Fourth Generation

7.Link to census John Phillips MAYATT [Parents]. Born quarter ending March 1851 in St Mary Cray, John Phillips died quarter ending December 1940 in Lewisham, age 89. Occupation: House painter.

In the quarter ending March 1874, when John Phillips was age about 23, he married Jane SPEARING in Croydon, Surrey. Born about 1848 in St Mary Cray, it is not known when Jane died.

They had the following children, all born St Mary Cray:

(1) Edgar William, born quarter ending March 1874. (2) Percy John, born quarter ending June 1877. (3) Bertie Spearing, born quarter ending September 1879. (4) Cecil, born about 29/3/1881. (5) Nellie, born quarter ending March 1886. (6) Elsie, born quarter ending September 1888. (7) Maud, born quarter ending September 1891.

8.Link to census Edward Phillips MAYATT [Parents]. Born quarter ending June 1847 in St Mary Cray, Edward Phillips died 1913 in Snodland, age 66.

In 1869, when Edward was age about 22, he married Ellen CAPON. Born about 1852 in Snodland, Ellen died there in 1946, age about 94.

They had the following children, all born Snodland:

(1) Edward Charles, born quarter ending March 1871. (2) Nellie Annie, born quarter ending September 1873. (3) Mary Ann, born about 1874. (3)Link to CWGC citation Harry William, born about 1876. On 6/7/1917, Harry was  killed in action in France, age about 40, serving with 1st Battalion, Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment & is buried in Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun. (4) Herbert John, born quarter ending December 1880. Herbert died 1950 in Bridgend, Glamorgan. (5) William Charles, born quarter ending March 1882. William died 14/1/1947 in Snodland, age about 65. (6) Edith Lavinia, born quarter ending December 1887. (7)Link to CWGC citation Walter, born about 1889. On 22/2/1915, Walter was killed in action in France, age about 29, serving with 2nd Battalion, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) & is buried in Le Touquet-Paris Plage Communal Cemetery. (8) Alfred John, born quarter ending March 1891.

9.Link to census Joseph Ravulus Phillips MAYATT [Parents].  Baptized 21/10/1849 at St Mary Cray, Joseph Ravulus Phillips died in November 1925 & was buried 25/11/1925 in Snodland Cemetery. Occupation: Labourer.

In quarter ending June 1870, when Joseph was age 29, he married Eliza Ellen SHAYES in Strood. Baptized 9/1/1852 in Strood, Eliza Ellen died in May 1942 & was buried 2/6/1942 in Snodland Cemetery.

They had the following children, all born/baptized Snodland:

(1) Eliza Ann, baptized 9/10/1870. On 30/9/1893, when Eliza was age about 22, she married Hubert Samuel PENNY. (2) Annie, born 1871. (3) Joseph Charles [13]. (4) Emma Mary, born 1874. On 24/4/1897, when Emma was age about 22, she married James MILES at All Saints Parish Church, Snodland. (5) Henry George, born 3/8/1877. In 1900, when Henry was age 23, he married Kate Isabella CARR in Snodland. (6) Nellie Amy, born 1879. On 12/12/1903, when Nellie was age about 24, she married Arthur Lee BONNER at All Saints Parish Church, Snodland. (7) Alfred William, baptized 27/9/1882. (8) Violet Lily, baptized 10/10/1894 & buried 13/12/1899 in Snodland Cemetery.

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