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This is page 1 of 3 tracing the history of the Neville family of Wrotham, Kent. It shows the link by marriage to the Parris family. We have traced two such links so far. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Neville Family of Wrotham, Kent

1. Richard NEVILLE. Born about 1677 in Kent, Richard died 22/2/1741 in Wrotham, age about 63.

Around 1699, when Richard was age about 22, he married Ann (maiden name unknown). They had the following children, all (except Jane) born/baptized in Wrotham:

(1) Jane, baptized in Plaxtol, Kent 2/6/1700.  On 5/5/1723, when Jane was age about 22, she married John PARRIS in Wrotham. Jane died 26/11/1768 in Wrotham, age about 68. (2) Elizabeth, baptized 24/10/1701 & died November 1701. Buried 18/11/1701. (3) Richard, baptized 7/10/1702 & died about November 1722. Buried 3/12/1722. age about 22. (4) Margaret, baptized 23/2/1704 & died 1762, age about 58. (5) Thomas, born 13/7/1705 & died 18/12/1732 in Meopham, age about 27. (6) Francis, baptized 13/1/1707 & died May 1723, age about 15. Buried 30/5/1723. (7) William, born 1708 & died 12/10/1710, age about 2. (8) John, born 1709 & died 12/5/1771 in Meopham, age about 61. (9)William, baptized 5/7/1712 & died April 1725, age about 12. Buried 17/4/1725. (10) Robert, baptized 26/4/1714. (11) George [2]. (12) Ruth, born 1719 & died 3/1/1722, age about 2.

First Generation

Second Generation

2. George NEVILLE [Parents]. Baptized 27/12/1716 in Wrotham, George died in February 1788 in Wrotham, age about 71. He was buried there 14/2/1788.

On 2/10/1737, when George was age 21, he married Ann CRANK at St Peter’s Church, Ridley, Kent. Ann died about 1798. It is not known when she was born.

They had the following children:

(1) Mary, born November 1738 in Wrotham and died there January 1774, age 35.  (2) Ann, born May 1743 in Wrotham & died there May 1758, age 15. (3) Richard, born March 1745 in Wrotham & died April 1782, in Trottiscliffe, age 37. (4) John, born January 1746. (5) Elizabeth, born December 1748 in Wrotham & died there May 1758, age 9. (6) Jane, born December 1750 in Wrotham & died there about 1833, age about 83.  (7) Thomas [3].  (8) George, born about 1757 in Wrotham & died there May 1838, age about 80.

Third Generation

3. Thomas NEVILLE [Parents]. Born March 1753 in Wrotham, Thomas died in Addington in August 1830, age 76.

On 2/12/1790, when Thomas was age 37, he married Elizabeth DORTON at St Margaret, Addington. Elizabeth was born about 1764 & died about 1829 in Addington, age around 65.

They had the following children, all born Birling:

(1) William, born November 1791. (2) Thomas, born February 1793. (3) George [4]. John [5]

Fourth Generation

4.Link to census George NEVILLE [Parents]. Born 1797 in Birling, George died in the quarter ending December 1847 in Addington, age about 50. Occupation: Ag. Labourer.

In 1822, when George was age about 25, he married Mary JARRETTE. Mary was born about 1800 and died in 1832, age about 32.

They had the following children:

(1) Jane, born 1823 in Addington. (2) George [6]. (3) Harriet, born 1827 in Halling. (4) Mary Ann, born 1831 in Addington.

Around 1835, when George was age about 38, he married Harriet LONGLEY. Harriet was born about 1809 in Ryarsh & died about 1865.

They had the following children, all born Addington:

(1) John [7]. (2) Elizabeth, born 1838. (3) James, born quarter ending September 1840 & died quarter ending March 1859, age about 18. (4) Martha, born 22/9/1842.

5.Link to census John NEVILLE [Parents]. Born October 1800 in Birling, John died 24/3/1873 in Dartford, age 72. Occupation: Bookbinder (1841); Baptist Minister (1851-1873).

On 3/6/1836, when John was age 35, he married Elizabeth CHEESEMAN. Born about 1810 in Mereworth, Maidstone, Elizabeth died 21/3/1885 at Cromwell Cottage, Sutton-at-Hone.  She was buried along with her husband John in the grounds of Eynsford Baptist Church.

They had the following children:

(1) Ruth, born 26/8/1838 in Wadhurst, Sussex. In the quarter ending December 1859, when Ruth was age 21, she married William INCE in Mile End, London. William was born about 1834 in Whitechapel. Occupation: Umbrella manufacturer. (2) Ebenezer [8]. (3) Esther, born October 1842 in Malling. In the quarter ending March 1871, when Esther was age about 28, she married William Henry ROGERS in Mile End. William was born quarter ending September 1842 in Maidstone. Occupation: Grocer & Draper. (4) Jonathan, born quarter ending September 1844 in Plaxtol. Jonathan died 1858 in Dartford, age 14. (5) Mercy, born 3/2/1851 in Dartford. (6) Jason, born 28/3/1854 in Sutton at Hone. Jason died 5/9/1943 in Kogarah, Sydney, Australia, age 89. Jason arrived in Sydney on 10/12/1877 from London, aboard the Parramatta (Captain: William Goddard). On 30/6/1886, when Jason was age 32, he married Jinnie KELLY (?-1904), daughter of Richard KELLY, in St Andrew's, Summer Hill, Sydney.

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