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This is page 2 of 4 tracing covering a branch of the Parris family from the Ightham, Offham & Plaxtol areas of Kent. This branch is connected to the Tomkin family by marriage. We think they are linked to the other Parris families the site but at the moment we lack the evidence to prove it. If you can help make that link, or if have a connection to any individual or family featured here, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Parris Family of Ightham, Kent

Third Generation

4.Link to census George PARRIS [Parents]. Baptized 4/9/1808 in Plaxtol, George died 25/2/1887 in Dartford, age 78. Occupation: Ag. Labourer.

On 28/6/1835, when George was age 26, he married Mary JONES in Ash, Kent. Mary was born 20/11/1814 in Sutton at Hone & died 5/6/1897, age 82.

They had the following children:

(1) George, born about 1836. (2) Thomas, born about 1841 in Sutton-at-Hone. (3) Emma, born about 1843 in Ash-next-Ridley. (4) William [8]. (5) Alfred, born 18/3/1848 in Ash-next-Ridley & died 1/1/1932, age 84. (6) Frederick, born about 1850 in Ash-next-Ridley. (7) Edward, born quarter ending December 1852 in in Ash-next-Ridley. (8) Fanny, born about 1855 in in Ash-next-Ridley.

Link to census5. George PARRIS [Parents]. Baptized 8/5/1814 in Offham, George died 30/6/1897, age 83. Occupation: Ag. Labourer.

On 22/11/1834, when George was age 20, he married Susanna BURNETT in Ash, Kent. Susanna was born about 1815 & died 18/12/1899 in Trosley, Kent, age about 84.

They had the following children, all baptized in Trottiscliffe:

(1) James, baptized 14/4/1836 & died 17/4/1836. (2) William, baptized 8/1/1837. (3) George [9]. (4) Sarah Ann, baptized 9/5/1841. (5) John, baptized 14/5/1843. (6) William, baptized 18/5/1845. (7) Thomas [10]. (8) Emily, baptized 5/8/1849. (9) Joseph Henry, baptized 27/4/1851. (10) Harriet, baptized 12/12/1852. (11) Robert Friend [11]. (12) Fanny Ellen, baptized 5/2/1860.

Link to census6. Thomas PARRIS [Parents]. Baptized 28/3/1819 in Offham, Thomas died there 30/11/1884, age about 65.

On 21/11/1841, when Thomas was age about 22, he married Eliza Ann BARDEN in Offham. Eliza was born about 1822 in Leybourne, Kent. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children, all born in Offham:

Link to historical note(1) Eliza Ann, born 1842. (2) James, born 1844 & died by execution 1/8/1876 in Maidstone, age about 32. Click on the Note icon for more information. (3) George, born 1846. (4) Harriet, born March 1848. In the quarter ending  June 1883, when Harriet was age  about 35, she married James CORK in Maidstone. (5) Thomas, born 1850. (6) William, born 1852. (7) Fanny, born 1861.

Link to census7. James PARRIS [Parents]. Baptized 17/6/1821 in Offham, Thomas died there 1/7/1897, age 76.  Occupation: Ag. Labourer.

In the quarter ending June 1845, when James was age about 23, he married Harriet NEVE. Harriet was born about 1824 in Wrotham. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children, all born & baptized in Offham:

(1) Bertha, baptized 29/10/1848 & died November 1852 age 4 (buried 21/11/1852). (2) William, baptized 30/11/1851 & died 30/9/1852 age 10 months (buried 10/10/1852). (3) Mary Ann, baptized 21/5/1854. (4) Emily, baptized 10/5/1857. (5) Frederick, baptized 17/6/1862 and died April 1864 age 1 year, 10 months (buried 14/4/1864). (6) James, baptized 17/6/1862. (7) Ernest William, baptized 19/8/1866.

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