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This is page 8 of 11 tracing the descendants of John Parris & Jane Neville, and the links by marriage to the Beadle, Harris (of Halling), Homewood, Luchford, Mayatt, Monk, Neville, Payne, Roots & Tomkin families. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse the Parris pages by using the forward/back arrows to the next/previous page or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Parris Family of Wrotham, Kent

35. Link to censusJane Esther PARRIS [Parents] Born 1/5/1865 in Illinois, Jane Esther died 13/12/1914, age 49.

On 31/12/1883 when Jane Esther was 18, she married Thomas W. WRIGHT, in Shabbona, DeKalb County, Illinois. Thomas was born December 1857 in Illinois. It is not known when he died.

They had the following children, all born Iowa :

(1) Elizabeth F, born December 1884. (2) Cora E, born May 1887. (3) George, born July 1889. (4) Jennie Frances Jane, born 22/12/1900 & died 25/1/1967 in Santa Clara, California, age 66. On 22/6/1926 when Jane Frances Jennie was 25, she married James Edward GOODWIN, in St Louis. James Edward was born 11/10/1892 in Nashville, Tennessee.

36.Link to census James William PARRIS [Parents]. Born 25/12/1867 in Illinois, James William died 1949, age about 82. Occupation: High school teacher; later Superintendent of Schools for Cook County, Illinois.

Around 1893, when James William was age about 26, he married Cora W. CLARK. Cora was born July 1873 In Indiana. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children, all born Illinois except Edna:

(1) Edna, born June 1894 in Indiana. Edna married Charles HIPPSHAW, date unknown. (2) Lester, born April 1897. (3) Noel, born September 1899. (4) Raymond, born about 1901. (5) Kenneth, born about 1903. (6) Helen, born about 1906. (7) Esther, born about 1907.

37.Link to census John Butler PARRIS [Parents]. Born 8/9/1872 in Illinois, John Butler died 3/12/1936 in Winamac, Pulaski County, Indiana, age 64. Occupation: Farmer.

On 21/12/1905, when John Butler was age 33, he married Ada Ina CAMPBELL in Winamac, Pulaski County, Indiana. Ada Ina was born about 1886 in Indiana. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children, all born Indiana:

(1) Adaline, born about 1906. (2) Doris, born about 1908. (3) Butler, born about 1908. (4) Francis, born about 1910. (5) John William, born 17/9/1919. On 31/7/1943, when John William was age 23, he married Dorothy McDERMOTT in Los Angeles, California.

Sixth Generation (continued)

Seventh Generation

38.Link to census William PARRIS [Parents]. Born 1847 in Cliffe at Hoo, it is not known when William died.

In the quarter ending December 1871, when William was age about 22, he married Emma WEST in North Aylesford, Kent. Emma was born 1851 in Borstal, Kent.

They had the following children:

(1) Frederick, born quarter ending March 1872 in Cliffe at Hoo. Frederick died quarter ending March 1893 in Woolwich, age 20. (2) George, baptized 22/11/1874 at St Margaret’s Rochester. (3) Percival, baptized 27/5/1874 at St Margaret’s Rochester. Percival died quarter ending December 1883, age 6. (4) William [55]. (5) Sarah Ann, born quarter ending December 1881 in Borstal. On 14/8/1907, when Sarah was age 25, she married William Edward NELSON at the Parish Church, Borstal.  (6) Arthur, born quarter ending December 1886 in Borstal.

39.Link to census John PARRIS [Parents]. Born 1869 in Cliffe at Hoo, John died 19/6/1953 in Dartford, age about 84. Cause of death certified as 1) Myocardial degeneration 2) Arteriosclerosis 3) Chronic arthritis. He was buried in Stone cemetery 24/6/1953. Occupation: Clay digger.

In 1892, when John was age about about 23, he married Harriett Emily GREEN in Strood. Born 1872 in Cliffe at Hoo, Harriett died 15/3/1928 in Maidstone, age about 55. She was buried in Stone cemetery 31/3/1928.

They had the following children:

(1) Grace, born 1893 in Cliffe at Hoo. (2) Leonard, born 1895 in Cliffe at Hoo. (3) George John, born 17/8/1896 in Cliffe at Hoo. George John died 1986 in Caister, Norfolk, age about 89. On 22/12 1923, when George John was age 27, he married Florence M. JOHNSON in Greenhithe. Florence was born 17/7/1898 in Strood & died in September 1992 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, age 94. They had 3 children who are still living. (4) Sidney, born 24/9/1899 in Stoke, Kent. (5) Arthur Robert, born September 1900 in Stoke, Kent. (6) Harold Victor, born 18/9/1903 in Cliffe at Hoo. Harold died 27/2/1977 in Swanscombe, age 73. (7) Edith May, born 10/5/1906 in Cliffe at Hoo. Edith May died December 1986 in Gravesend, age 80. (8) Albert, born 30/5/1909 in Cliffe at Hoo. Albert died 24/5/1996 in Canterbury, age 86.

40.Link to census Reginald Charles PARRIS [Parents].  Born 5/5/1908 in Portsmouth, Reginald Charles died March 1989 also in Portsmouth, age 80.

In the quarter ending December 1928, when Reginald Charles was age 20, he married Sarah SIBBALD (1908-1955) in Portsmouth.

They had the following children:

(1) Hilda, born 20/12/1928 & died quarter ending June 1929 in Portsmouth. And 5 others thought to be still living.

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