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This is page 2 of 3 showing the descendants of William Burridge & Mary Perkins of St. Albans, Hertfordshire. It shows the link by marriage to the Harris and Grover families. There are two more Harris families in our tree, from Brenchley & Halling, Kent. As far as we know they are not connected. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered (e.g. [2]) or parental ([Parents]) links.

The Burridge Family of St Albans, Hertfordshire

Third Generation

4.Link to census Sydney Edward Perkins BURRIDGE [Parents]. Born 28/6/ 1845 & baptized 22/2/1846 at St Peter, St Albans. No father is named on his birth or marriage certificates. Sydney died quarter ending December 1899 in Watford, age about 54.

On 5/7/1874, when Sydney was age 29, he married Emily SMITH, daughter of William SMITH, a Bricklayer, at Lambeth Register Office. Emily was born about 1848 in Coggeshall, Essex & died sometime after March 1901 but the exact date is unknown. Sydney & Emily had no children.

5. Thomas William Grover censusThomas William GROVER [Parents]. Baptized 30/10/1864 in St Albans Abbey, Hertfordshire and died 4/7/1945 in Wayne, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, age 80. Cause of death certified as Coronary occlusion; Complication old age; Hypertension. Thomas had emigrated to the USA with his family, leaving Liverpool for Quebec on 26/4/1905 aboard the “Vancouver”. There’s evidence of a border crossing from Canada into the USA at Niagra Falls, New York State in 1911. Read about Thomas William’s brief military service as a teenager in London.

In 1887, when Thomas was age about 22, he married Elizabeth GORMAN in Belfast, Ireland. Elizabeth was born about 1864 in Belfast. It’s not known when she died.

They had the following children:

(1) Ethel Harriet, born about 1888 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. (2) Eveleen Helena, born 11/11/1889 in Stanstead Abbotts, Hertfordshire and baptized there on 6/5/1890. Eveleen died 2/1/1940 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, age 50. Cause of death certified as Basal skull fracture [caused by] Fall on street 5th Avenue, Pittsburgh. (3) Edward, born about 1895 in Coleraine, Ireland. (4) Annie Elizabeth, born 23/6/1898 in Belfast and died 22/10/1918 in Pittsburgh, age 20. Cause of death certified as Pneumonia. (5) Thomas William, born 28/5/1900 in Lymm, Cheshire and died 6/9/1914 in Ohio Valley Hospital, Moon, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, age 14. Cause of death certified as Generalized Peritonitis; Ruptured Appendicitis. (6) Mary, born about 1902.

6.Link to census Horace William BURRIDGE [Parents]. Born 19/3/1851 in St Albans, Horace William died quarter ending June 1925 in Southwark, age 74. Also known as William Burridge. He served in India as a Sergeant in the 2/2nd Queen’s Regiment between around 1877-1881.

In the quarter ending March 1873, when Horace was age about 22, he married Lavinia PARFORD in Stoke Dameral, Devon. Lavinia was born 8/9/1855 in St Germans, Cornwall & died 21/3/1930 in Southwark, age 74.

They had the following children:

(1) John Thomas, born April 1876 in Rame, Cornwall and died 16/3/1878 in Bombay. Age given in the burial record as 1 year 11 months. Cause of death given as Measles. John was buried 17/3/1878 in Bombay. (2) Elizabeth Ann, born 30/3/1879 in Moradabad, India & baptized there 14/4/1879. Elizabeth died 1965 in Plymouth age about 85. (3) Florence Maud, born 27/7/1881 in Holborn, London & died 16/11/1975 in East Dulwich, London, age 94. (4) Thomas William [10]. (5) Eva Maud, born 27/4/1886 in Guildford and died 8/6/1968 in Chelmsford, Essex age 82. (6) Mary Jane Alma, born quarter ending December 1888 in Guildford. (7) Harry George [11].

7.Link to census Thomas William BURRIDGE [Parents]. Born quarter ending September 1853 in St Albans, Thomas William died quarter ending March 1930 in Wandsworth, age 76. Occupation: Fishmonger.

On 24/1/1884, when Thomas was age 30, he married Ellen CODEY at St Andrew Church, Holborn, London. Ellen was born about 1848 at St Giles in the Fields, London. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children, both born Westminster:

(1) Ellen Margaret, born quarter ending December 1885. (2) Florence, born quarter ending June 1889.

8.Link to census Herbert Edward BURRIDGE [Parents]. Born 31/7/1858 in St Pancras, London & baptized 30/12/1860 at Holy Trinity Church, Camden. Herbert died quarter ending June 1932 in Wandsworth, age 73. The first name given for the birth registration was Herbert, but the name given at baptism was Albert, a name he seems to have been known by throughout his life. It is the name recorded in all the censuses he appears in and is recorded in his death registration.

In the quarter ending September 1878, when Herbert was age about 20, he married Mary Ann Louise STRACHAN. Mary Ann Louise was born around 1864 in Shoreditch so was just 14 when she presumably lied about her age & married. Her first census as a married woman, in 1881, gives her age as 20 (she was 17) but in the 1891, 1901 & 1911 censuses record the ages 27, 37, 47 respectively, all of which are consistent with an 1864 birth. Mary Ann died quarter ending June 1931 in Lambeth, age about 66.

They had the following children:

(1) Elizabeth, born quarter ending December 1880 in Southwark. (2) Albert Edward, born quarter ending March 1884 in Holborn. (3) Joseph William, born quarter ending June 1886 in Southwark. (4) Ellen Louisa, born quarter ending June 1888 in Southwark. (5) Thomas William, born February 1891 in Southwark. (6) Florence Amelia, born quarter ending September 1893 in Lambeth. (7) Rose Amelia, born quarter ending March 1896 in Lambeth. (8) Florence Louisa, born quarter ending September 1898 in Lambeth. (9) Arthur, born quarter ending March 1900 in Lambeth. (10) George, born about 1904. (11) Ernest, born quarter ending September 1906 in Lambeth.

9.Link to census William Henry BURRIDGE [Parents]. Born quarter ending March 1861 in Lambeth, William Henry died quarter ending March 1939 in Sheppey, Kent, age about 77. Occupation: Carpenter.

In the quarter ending September 1889, when William was age about 28, he married Olivia MOGG in Westminster. Olivia was born quarter ending September 1866 in Somerton, Somerset & died 10 Feb 1944 in Sheppey, age about 77. An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “BURRIDGE Olivia of 114 St George Avenue Sheerness Kent widow died 10 February 1944 Probate Llandudno 14 March to Bertram Charles Burridge driller H.M. dockyard. Effects £152 16s 6d.” (The equivalent of around £6,411 today.)

They had the following children, all born in Sheerness, Kent:

(1) Lilian Olivia, born quarter ending March 1890 & died 31 Mar 1947 at The County Hospital, Minster-in-Sheppey, Kent. An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “BURRIDGE Lilian Olivia of 114 St Georges Avenue Sheerness Kent spinster died 31 March 1947 at The County Hospital Minster-in-Sheppey Kent Administration London 2 August to Bertram Charles Burridge driller. Effects £695 3s 9d.” (The equivalent of around £26,757 today.) (2) William Henry [12]. (3) Walter, born quarter ending December 1892. (4) Bertram Charles [13]. (5) Henrietta Mary, born quarter ending December 1896.

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