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The Bradbury surname was a common one in the Saddleworth and the surrounding area in the 18th & 19th centuries. These pages show the history of two family groups: one that farmed at Fairbanks & Runninghill, the descendants of John Bradbury & Mary Buckley, including a branch that was established in India around 1836. And one from Diggle Lee, the descendants of Thomas & Dinah Bradbury. There is currently no evidence that these families were closely related.

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Today Saddleworth is a civil parish of the Borough of Oldham, in Greater Manchester. It comprises several villages & hamlets set amongst the west side of the Pennines: Austerlands, Delph, Denshaw, Diggle, Dobcross, Friezland, Grasscroft, Greenfield, Grotton, Lydgate, Scouthead, Springhead, Uppermill. Historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, for centuries Saddleworth was a centre of woollen cloth production. Following the Industrial Revolution, Saddleworth became a centre for cotton spinning & weaving, so much so that by the end of Queen Victoria's reign, mechanized textile production had become a vital part of the local economy. Following the 1930s depression, Saddleworth's textile sector declined.

The Bradbury Family of Saddleworth, Yorkshire

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